In today’s increasing global competitive marketplace, we felt the need to create an option for OEM’s, as well as the end user, which would allow the ability to purchase a self-contained hydraulic cylinder at a reduced cost and still maintain a quality American-made product. 

      The ECONOMIZER cylinder is designed and produced to give you the same proven quality as our premier self-contained cylinders, however; when a failure does occur, they are designed to be removed and replaced at a fraction of the cost of our premier cylinder.  The ECONOMIZER cylinder’s completely welded design makes rebuilding this cylinder not a feasible option.  The design is such that this is inted to be a “disposable cylinder”.  

We hope that you can certainly appreciate the ECONOMIZER cylinder’s value and purpose and are proud of the fact that it is a MADE-IN AMERICA product. 

Economizer shells are robotically welded.

Precision machined pistons are available in pressure, or by-pass.


 The Economizer

Proven since 2016